Sunday, July 14, 2013

40. jeans + tee

top: StyleMint // jeans: Zara // necklace: JewelMint // Shoes: Target

This outfit is rather simple, but I wanted a blank canvas for my new necklace, which I'm absolutely in love with. The quality is really nice, and it feels special and eye-catching against a plain white tee. Clearly, I've been addicted to the Mint websites, ordering from StyleMint, JewelMint, and ShoeMint (not pictured in this outfit) within the past month. 
I also wore this necklace-tee combo with a faux leather skirt, different wedges, and a pink crossbody the other day. My friends and I went to see The Bling Ring, the new Sofia Coppola film about teens who rob celebrities. I enjoyed the movie a lot, especially the fascinating fashion and scenery (many scenes are filmed inside Paris Hilton's actual house). Here is a photo of that night's look (and some beautiful fountain posing):
I'm in the middle!
skirt: Forever 21 // bag: Nine West // shoes: Sam Edelman for American Eagle

Speaking of my friends, I wanted to share something (not fashion-related) with you. One of my good friends, Olivia, is a singer-songwriter. She just made a music video for one of the songs from her new album, which is on iTunes now! It would mean so much to me if you watch the video below; the song is cheery, fun, and will leave you feeling super happy :)

Cool, right!?
Like her Facebook page and check out her other songs on iTunes!


  1. simple and cute - love it! xxx

  2. lovely post, i really enjoyed the bling ring too x


    1. thanks! i thought it was a really cool movie, too :)

  3. Cool jeans, back to happiness sounds like a nice song :), xoxo.

    1. thank you, and thanks so much for checking out Olivia's song; she will be so happy!