Sunday, June 30, 2013

empire state of mind

//last week in nyc, mainly through Instagram pictures//

this is me in a cool part of Central Park called Sheep Meadow.
there aren't sheep there.
this is my amazing friend Caroline, who I went to nyc with.
she is also in Sheep Meadow, also wearing the same flower/grass crown as me.

this is FIT, where new friends and I took a fashion journalism class.
(left to right) Taylor, Kelly, me, Caroline, Gina
this is a sneakily-taken picture of Vivienne Westwood looks
from the Met's PUNK: Chaos to Couture exhibit. we went there on a field trip
in the journalism class. i blogged about it here.
this is me twirling on a walkable art installation at MoMA.
this is Central Park South, where we took a break from walking.
this is a chocolate macaroon from Ladurée.
did i feel like Blair Waldorf? yes.

this is my chocolate marshmallow cupcake from Sprinkle's.

this is the tourist coming out in me.
classic new york at night.

this is both happy and sad. can't wait to be back!

I'm so grateful for every time I've been able to visit the amazing city. I already miss the people, the food, the streets, the nights and the lights, and even the suffocating subway rides. It's crazy how quickly this place steals my heart and selfishly takes up all the room in my dreams.
What can I say?
I love New York.