Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Fashion It List--Winter 2012

The Fashion It List--Winter 2012

1. Shorts (clockwise, starting at top): AllSaints, River Island, H&M, A.L.C., AllSaints
2. Velvet pieces: Zara (shoe), Elie Tahari (clutch), Topshop (skirt), Miss Selfridge (dress)
3. Brocade pieces: Topshop (collar), Matthew Williamson (pants), Jovonnista (dress), Accessorize.com (belt)
4. Tuxedo Blazers (left to right): Tibi, Warehouse, Haider Ackermann

The Winter 2012 Fashion It List

1. Shorts in the winter: Wearing shorts in the colder months is a lot easier done than you might think. Just make sure you look for heavier fabrics, like leather (faux or otherwise) or shiny, satin, or glittered looks (perfect for parties!). If it isn't too cold where you live, try the dark leather look with bare legs. If you live in a climate like mine, you may want to slap on some chunky tights before the shorts! Either way, it's a nice break from dresses and skirts!

2. Velvet: Luxe, luxe, luxe. Velvety textures scream winter-time, and they are perfect for party season! Or, dress velvet down by wearing it on a trendy shoe and mixing it with casual pieces, like denim jeans.

3. Brocade: Brocade is fabric woven with an elaborate design. This textile looks special and ornate. In small doses, like the collar pictured above, brocade fabrics can make any outfit look expensive and chic. Most brocade fabrics resemble Baroque-style prints, so these pieces also look very artsy and referential.

4. Tuxedo Blazers: These add a dose of fun to any winter look. Whether you choose a bright color or a classic black-and-white, you can easily dress up jeans or dress down a glam party outfit. 

Happy Winter,

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Shopaholics, Unite! Another Black Friday Haul!

After a lovely Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, my sisters and I hit the mall to participate in the annual Day of Shopping Insanity, otherwise known as Black Friday.
By the time we arrived at 11:00 PM Thursday night, long lines were already forming in front of stores like Forever 21, H&M, and Victoria's Secret. My clan and I slipped into the H&M crowd--the first 100 people in line would get a scratch-off card containing a special Black Friday discount. Luckily, my discount was one of the higher ones: $50 off a purchase of $75 or more. In addition to that offer, H&M also had all kinds of amazing markdowns on their clothing and accessories (Hello, $5 sweaters!). After that adventure, including an hour-long checkout line, we headed to Forever 21. Most of the deals seemed to be already snatched up, so we didn't find much there. We popped into lots of other stores, too. Express had 40% off the whole store, as did Banana Republic, American Eagle, and probably many other stores that I didn't get a chance to look in! Overall, I scored lots of deals. Minding the lack of sleep and the packed crowds, it was an awesome day!
I snagged this printed blouse for only $5 at
H&M. The purse was $11 at American Eagle!
This warm winter coat from H&M
 ended up being about $23!
H&M sold this angora sweater for a Black Friday
special of $10. I got it in a large size so that it is
slouchy and can be worn over leggings on
a more casual day.
This dress wasn't on a special discount at H&M,
but I fell in love and couldn't pass it up at $25. The bag,
also from H&M, was on clearance for $15! Those snakeskin
printed loafers were a deal from Target for only $6.

I love printed denim, so I snatched up these pairs
of floral jeans from American Eagle when
they were $22 each.
These bags are both from American Eagle.
The red one was $11, and the studded black
bag was $22.

I love a good slouchy sweater, so I was thrilled upon
finding this warm, brown piece at H&M for only $5. I also bought a cool
handbag there for $10. The color is gorgeous and really on-trend for fall/winter.
On the right is a basic camisole from Banana Republic, which was $5.

I can't wait to wear this ring from Banana Republic.
It was discounted for just $5,but I think it looks a lot more expensive!
Did YOU go shopping for Black Friday? I'd love to hear about more stores' awesome discounts and discover what all of you found on the cheap! Leave a comment below!
PS~ I did a Black Friday haul last year, too! You can check it out here!

Monday, November 12, 2012

22. Brick

 Sweater: Forever 21 // Pants: H&M // Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider // Purse (old): H&M

Saturday, November 3, 2012

21. Tuck, Rumple, Repeat

Top: Urban Outfitters // Skirt: American Eagle // Tights: Old Navy // Booties: Forever 21 // Bag: American Eagle

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gone Shopping!

Between getting ready to go to New York and actually shopping in New York, I have done quite a bit of clothes-buying in the past couple of weeks! Keep scrolling to see my new wardrobe additions!

This blazer looked super cute with the blue lace dress!
I bought this dress for my TOPSHOP party in NYC.

I fell in love with this jacket while shopping in the city.

This sweater has become a staple in my wardrobe.

I love the peplum detail of this skirt!
I wore this collared top with the red blazer.
Black skinnies go with
practically everything.
This piece is super easy to dress up or down.


I'm obsessed with these studs.
The lace-and-pearl collar on this top is so pretty.

Scallops are a really cool detail,
 and this color is so trendy right now.

I love how this jacket is a little bit edgy without
being too over-the-top.

Simple, but pretty.

I am obsessed with these shoes! OBSESSED!