Friday, October 26, 2012

Shop, Shop, Shop at TOPSHOP

This past weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to go to New York for Teen Vogue Fashion University. The fashion-focused events and seminars were so much fun, especially Saturday night's party at TOPSHOP.
After a long (but amazing) day of listening to presentations by designers, editors, and other esteemed fashion industry folk, including Kate Phelan (the Creative Director of TOPSHOP), it was awesome to check out the store and shop until we dropped! 
At TOPSHOP, there were so many cool things to do for the Fashion University students (as if shopping in the huge store wasn't enough entertainment already!)
We were greeted by trays of sweets and "mocktails," and there was a big table of colorful candy to the side. Opposite the candy wonderland was a hot chocolate bar with several options of tasty flavor injections!
Yummy candy!
In the center of the store, huge lines led up to tables where TOPSHOP professionals were giving makeovers and manicures to Fashion University students! They looked great! Plus, after the makeup, a TOPSHOP backdrop was set up, and we could get our pictures taken there.
The best part was the shopping! We don't have a TOPSHOP where I live--needless to say that I immediately fell in love with the store! Fashion University students were given 20% off all purchases for the night, so I had a good time picking out some fashionable finds.
Here is a look at some of the cool TOPSHOP merchandise I found:
You can never wear too much
 black and white in the city!
Sparkles and sequins were popular with lots of the clothes.

How perfect would this sparkly dress be for
a holiday party?
This blouse is so unique and pretty.

Velvet is a huge trend for winter,
especially in this oxblood color!
This little sequin number = flawless.

I loved all of those stylish pieces, but here is what I bought:

"Loving my new purchases from @TOPSHOP at #FashionU, can't wait to go back!" via Instagram (jhoman96)
I completely fell head over heels for the scallops on the tank, and the dark oxblood color is my absolute favorite right now. I was drawn to the shoes because of their mix of girly ballet flats and edgy studs. Overall, I am super happy with my purchases!
Thanks, TOPSHOP! Hope to see you soon :)


  1. OMG. I was gonna apply for it, but then I had too many things going on. What a great opportunity, fab clothes and yum candy. -

    1. It was such a good experience--you should definitely apply next year if you are still interested!