Sunday, October 28, 2012

Teen Vogue Fashion University: Photos and What I Learned

If you have been reading the last few posts from me, you probably know that this past weekend, October 19-21, I was in New York for a very special event: Teen Vogue Fashion University.
It was truly the most amazing experience ever, and I had such a good time.
In this post, I am going to show you photos of the events and highlights of the trip, as well as tell you about the most important things I learned from the speakers.
(If you stay tuned, in my next post [and final Teen Vogue Fashion University post], I will do a clothing haul of everything I bought on the trip!)

Friday night was kicked off with an exclusive party at H&M. The whole store was closed off just for us! There were "mocktails"," photo backdrops, a DIY bracelet table, a live band (Blondfire), and best of all, a 25% off discount on the whole store! I met tons of other girls there and made some great friends!
Here is a picture from the H&M party:
Me on the right, and my new friend on the left (check out her amazing blog here!)

Saturday started early with seminars all day, from 9:45 AM till 6:15 PM! During check-in, we were each given an amazing swag bag from LeSportSac. It was filled with goodies including an American Apparel tank, a TOPSHOP eyeliner, a $20 GUESS spending card, lots of perfume samples and coupons, and much more. By then, a huge line was already forming in front of the Hudson Theatre, where the event was being held. Once the doors opened, there was a mad dash to get the best seats.

First was the opening seminar with the legendary Grace Coddington, the Creative Director at Vogue. She was so funny and inspirational.

Next, I went to a seminar given by an awesome fashion designer: Chris Benz. He is hilarious, and his pink hair was looking brighter than ever. He also gave great advice for those wanting to be designers. Plus, at the end of his seminar, he met some students, answered more questions, and took pictures with us!

The third session was my favorite--it was an editorial floor tour of the Teen Vogue offices! The leaders of the tour were Kirby Marzec, the Accessories Assistant and Media Brecher, the Fashion News Assistant. They were both incredibly nice and took time to answer dozens of questions before the actual tour started. I took lots of photos during the tour, so enjoy!

in the waiting area outside of the official offices

me in front of the offices

holy shoes!
even more shoes
purses galore
LOTS of Teen Vogue

Jane Keltner de Valle's office. Love.

the mansion office that belongs to the one and only Amy Astley

The whole floor tour was sponsored by Sperry Top-Sider, and at the end of the tour, there was a raffle for a free pair of Sperry shoes! I won! Here are the shoes I picked out:

 After that awesome tour, the fourth session was a seminar by Erin Fetherston, a gorgeous fashion designer. She was really sweet and talked a lot about getting into the fashion industry and taking in all sorts of experiences along the way.

After Erin Fetherston was Session 5: a seminar led by Lauren Berger, also known as The Intern Queen and founder of She was immensely helpful by answering all kinds of questions about interning in the industry.

For asking a question in her seminar, I was rewarded with a copy of her fantastic book:
 All Work, No Pay

The final Saturday seminar was another one of my favorites. It was a panel led by Amy Astley and other Teen Vogue editors, including Gloria Baume, Elaine Welteroth, Jane Keltner de Valle, Sheena Smith, and Andrew Bevan. This session was in a Q&A format. The editors gave so much insight on all things fashion, magazines, and life.

After that long (but amazing) day, I changed outfits, met some friends, and we headed down to Soho for an exclusive party at TOPSHOP. I did a separate post covering that event, so check that out here! While I was there, I also met Andrew Bevan, the Style Features Editor!

After the TOPSHOP party, I met a group of girls to head down to Little Italy for a late dinner and some gelatos. It was so much fun, and I became friends with great girls!

Then, on Sunday morning, I attended the final seminar: Fashion in the Digital Age. This panel included all kinds of technology/fashion gurus that know all about the digital formats of fashion and shopping.

 After that final seminar, we were dismissed to receive graduation photos and certificates.

 So, what did I learn on this amazing trip?

1. If you land an internship, actually work--you aren't just there to watch. In fact, everyone is watching YOU, so you need to make a good impression. Be such a good intern that the company won't want you to ever leave, and they will hire you later on.
2. Be nice to everyone--you never know who will talk to who or who you will end up working for!
3. If you want any job in the fashion industry, you need some base knowledge of clothing and design elements.
4. Ask for what you want (politely). If you are an intern, and you would love to do a certain task that isn't above your qualifications, ask the internship coordinator nicely if you could help out with it. The worst she could say is no!
5. Fashion is very referential in inspirations, so study up on and have a good grasp of language, art, history, music, film, culture, everything!
6. Don't stress or worry too much about careers when you are so young. Go out, be a kid, live your life, and you will have so many more experiences under your belt that will help you later in your career.
7. Have a clear vision of what you want, and you will get there.
8. Stay in contact with anyone that might be relevant to you and your career aspirations in the future. If you have an internship or are otherwise involved with a group/company, take time to email or talk to the people that you knew there at least three times a year.
9. Even if you don't live in the heart of  the fashion, you can still find local opportunities that relate to what you want to do. There's always something that can lead to something bigger. Make your own opportunities.
10. If Grace Coddington ever asks you if you like cats, say YES.

 Teen Vogue Fashion University was a wonderful experience, and I highly recommend it for anyone that is interested in a career in fashion! For more details, check out the website here.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Shop, Shop, Shop at TOPSHOP

This past weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to go to New York for Teen Vogue Fashion University. The fashion-focused events and seminars were so much fun, especially Saturday night's party at TOPSHOP.
After a long (but amazing) day of listening to presentations by designers, editors, and other esteemed fashion industry folk, including Kate Phelan (the Creative Director of TOPSHOP), it was awesome to check out the store and shop until we dropped! 
At TOPSHOP, there were so many cool things to do for the Fashion University students (as if shopping in the huge store wasn't enough entertainment already!)
We were greeted by trays of sweets and "mocktails," and there was a big table of colorful candy to the side. Opposite the candy wonderland was a hot chocolate bar with several options of tasty flavor injections!
Yummy candy!
In the center of the store, huge lines led up to tables where TOPSHOP professionals were giving makeovers and manicures to Fashion University students! They looked great! Plus, after the makeup, a TOPSHOP backdrop was set up, and we could get our pictures taken there.
The best part was the shopping! We don't have a TOPSHOP where I live--needless to say that I immediately fell in love with the store! Fashion University students were given 20% off all purchases for the night, so I had a good time picking out some fashionable finds.
Here is a look at some of the cool TOPSHOP merchandise I found:
You can never wear too much
 black and white in the city!
Sparkles and sequins were popular with lots of the clothes.

How perfect would this sparkly dress be for
a holiday party?
This blouse is so unique and pretty.

Velvet is a huge trend for winter,
especially in this oxblood color!
This little sequin number = flawless.

I loved all of those stylish pieces, but here is what I bought:

"Loving my new purchases from @TOPSHOP at #FashionU, can't wait to go back!" via Instagram (jhoman96)
I completely fell head over heels for the scallops on the tank, and the dark oxblood color is my absolute favorite right now. I was drawn to the shoes because of their mix of girly ballet flats and edgy studs. Overall, I am super happy with my purchases!
Thanks, TOPSHOP! Hope to see you soon :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Teen Vogue Fashion University Virtual Classroom

Hey! Remember when I wrote all about the upcoming Teen Vogue Fashion University that I will be attending this weekend? (If you didn't see this post, check it out here!)
Well, for those of you who were interested but did not apply, did not get accepted, or are unable to go, I have some great news!
You can be a part of the Virtual Classroom by viewing several of the seminars online through! It is truly the next best thing if you are not actually attending the event.
Purchasing the conference video online is typically $34.95, but lucky for you, I was given a coupon code to share! For 20% off, you can buy the online video streams with the coupon code FASHUBLOG. That means that for $27.96, you will get to watch the seminars of Grace Coddington, Olivier Theyskens, Nicole Richie, Erin Fetherston, Phillip Lim, and Amy Astley and the Teen Vogue editors! You can watch it live on October 20th, and you also get a full 60 days after that to watch as many times as you want!
These seminars provide valuable advice for anyone interested in any field of fashion. When I was too young to apply last year, I watched these official videos, and they were totally worth the price (and I paid full-price instead of your discounted offer!).
Here is a short video about Teen Vogue Fashion University's Virtual Classroom, featuring the speakers from last year.

I highly recommend this, and while I am in the city, I hope you all decide to watch!
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I personally decided to share this coupon code with you, and all opinions are my own, as always.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

20. Color-Fall

Top: Gap // Button-Down: vintage // Pants: J.Crew // Boots: Target // Necklace: Oasap