Monday, August 29, 2011

The Look for Less: Shay Mitchell

The Look for Less: Shay Mitchell

click on the picture (above) or links (below) for more details!
Steve Madden Sequin Swing Skirt, $43
Zara peep toe heels, $50
Debut red clutch, £10
Lipstick - Lip Stick - Lipsticks | - Makeup, Perfume, Salon..., $7.49
Silk Shirt - Victoria's Secret, $70

I know that this is not exactly the same thing as what Shay was wearing, but I do believe that it captures the same vibe (and it is incredibly hard to find an inexpensive red sequin skirt that isn't a costume!)
I think the main trend here is luxe fabrics. The silks, satins, and sequins in the outfit I created embody the glam, confident style that Shay Mitchell wears.
Also, the prices of the items I showed on this outfit are a little more expensive than what I have previously done for "Looks for Less". This is because this look features more luxurious fabrics and is perfect for going out to something fancy.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Top Three Shoes from Steve Madden

The Top Three Shoes from Steve Madden

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Just a reminder: On this series called "The Top Three..." I feature my favorite three items from a certain store. For clarification, these are not the store's top sellers or newest arrivals; they are just my personal preferences. :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Blast from the Past: White Lace Dress

I am starting a new series on my blog called "Blast from the Past", where I will feature a trend from the late seventies with ways that it is (or isn't) something to be worn today. I purchased some Seventeen magazines from 1977 and 1978 off eBay and have scoured them for trends that have returned or stayed in style. So, without further ado, here is my first "Blast from the Past" post; enjoy!

These two pictures (left and above) are from the February 1978 issue of Seventeen. They show a long, airy, white dress with lace details.

photo from

photo credited to

Taylor Swift flaunts her figure with a skinny belt and sheer quarter-length sleeves. Lauren Conrad wears her Marchesa dress with nude pumps and darker nails. Both of these modern dresses feature a shorter hemline and more shapely silhouette than the 1978 frock. However, the dated version does have one thing in common with both of these celebrities' picks-- they all show off their shoulders and chests with unlined lacy details.

If you liked those celeb looks and want one for yourself, you should check out these similar styles. The dress to the left provides a girly look with a touch of black, while the maxi on the right is a cool spin on the classic shape.
Both of these dresses are affordable at $24.80 from Forever 21.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

1. Out to Dinner

Lace top: Forever 21- $15.80
Gray tank (underneath): Forever 21- $3.80
Jeggings: Hollister- around $30 on sale
Shoes: Target- $10 on clearance
Necklace: American Eagle- around $3 on clearance

Close up of the lace pattern in the shirt. I love the unique design of this lace. It looks so expensive, and the fact that it was only $15 makes it even more amazing!

I bought this lace top from Forever 21 yesterday. The blush color is so pretty, especially when paired with skinny jeans and a perfect necklace! This outfit would look amazing for going out to dinner with family or friends.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Celeb Look for Less- Kim Kardashian

Celeb Look for Less- Kim Kardashian

click on the picture for more details on the clothes!
white tee: Old Navy- $13
cardigan: Zara- $16
jeans: American Eagle- $20
shoes: Piperlime- $20
purse: Modcloth- $30
3 pack bracelets: H&M- $6
sunglasses: Forever 21- $5.80

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Girl Can Never Have Too Much Nail Polish

My Nail Polish Collection

I just painted my nails in a stripe design!
To achieve this look, I painted the baby blue about halfway up my nail. I then painted the navy blue from halfway up the baby blue to about 3/4 up the nail. Next, I painted the dark emerald green from the 3/4 point to the tips of my nails. Lastly, I added a top coat for extra shine!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

SPOTted in the Stores

SPOTted in the Stores

click on the picture for more details on each item!

Top Row:
1. Urban Outfitters- $40
2. TopShop- $70
3. Delia's- $15

Middle Row:
1. Zara- $30
2. Forever 21- $20
3. Forever 21- $2.80

Bottom Row:
1. WetSeal- $17
2. American Eagle- $16
3. Bloomingdale's- $228

Friday, August 12, 2011

SPOTted on the Runway

One of my favorite trends spotted on the Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear collections is, well, spots. Polka dots were seen all over the runways. Here is a look at some of the many dotted ensembles.

all photos from

Stella McCartney
So feminine and cute!

Stella McCartney
I adore the interesting one-sided details.

Marc Jacobs
These bold polka dots really stand out,
and I love the tights!

Marc Jacobs
I love the concept of playful polka dots on
structured military styles!

Marc Jacobs
This dress is conservative, but so stylish!

Collette Dinnigan
The blue color is such a nice touch.

Diane von Furstenberg
This bright polka dot pattern
is young and fresh.

Diane von Furstenberg
The touch of red makes
the polka dots pop!

Hard to see from a distance,
this red dotted pattern is actually my fave!

Between the boots, glove, and hair,
these dots are hard-core.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How To Wear... A Funky Jacket!

(side view)
I love this angle of the wild jacket
 with the sleek dress!

My 17-year-old sister bought this light pink jacket from H&M a couple months ago. It was on sale for $15, and the original price was almost $60, so she felt the need to purchase it. I thought it was kind of a crazy way to spend $15 (When is she EVER going to wear that thing?). I ended up being right- she still hasn't worn it. So, we decided to try to create some outfits to go with it. This is the outfit we came up with!

Dress: some Japanese store- equivalent of around $60
Belt: Forever 21- $6.80
Jacket: H&M- $15 on sale from $59.95

They key to wearing a crazy jacket like this is that you have to make the rest of the outfit simple. You should also go for a subtle color. My mom picked up this cool grey dress when she was on a business trip to Japan. I cinched it with a neutral belt from Forever 21 to give it some shape. This belt also serves another function-- its light pink detail ties the jacket into the dress seamlessly.  


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Celeb Look for Less--Victoria Justice

Celeb Look for Less- Victoria Justice

click on the picture for details on the items!

I know the shirt doesn't look exactly the same as the one Victoria was wearing, but it was the best I could find on a budget! :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

How to Wear... Denim on Denim

denim shirt- H&M
denim shorts- American Eagle
purse- H&M
Oscar de la Renta scarf- Goodwill (see previous post)
necklace- American Eagle
gray tank- Forever 21
Steve Madden sandals- DSW
nail polish- Sally Hanson HD in "Blu"

Wearing denim on denim can be tricky. I believe that the key is to make the trend look very pulled together. You can do this by wearing two pieces of denim in similar washes or weights. The shapes of the items also matter. As you can see in the picture on the left, I paired a more structured pair of cutoff shorts with an airy, loose denim shirt. Mixing textures is important because it allows for an outfit that is not too uniform.
To kick this outfit up a notch, I decided to add another trend-- a scarf tied onto a purse. This is a very easy way to wear a beautiful scarf that doesn't fit around the neck or doesn't match any outfits. Just make sure that the scarf doesn't clash with the purse in color or print.

This monochromatic outfit looks even better with bright blue nails, a sleek necklace, and cool sandals.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Before yesterday, I had never been inside Goodwill. I have to admit that it scared me a little. I thought: Used, unwashed clothes? Yuck. But after watching thrift shopping videos from my favorite YouTube gurus and hearing from my poll that many of you want to see a post on the subject, I decided to brave the shopping trip. And thank goodness I did.

My 17-year-old sister and I scoured the racks and found some awesome vintage pieces, as well as modern trends. First, I found this adorable white top (It fit my sister, not me).

white top: Goodwill- $0.99
denim shorts: American Eagle
black shoes: H&M
gold necklace: H&M

Next, we found this gray shirt with studs on the shoulders. Contradicting my early judgments, it was new with tags.

Gray shirt: Goodwill- $0.99

My sister found a navy blue Banana Republic V-Neck, which fit me. I bought it for $0.99, but I did not feel the need to model it because it is just a basic style that you have probably seen before.

Then, we searched the scarf pile. If you have never been inside Goodwill, let me fill you in: At least in the one I visited, there were probably about 50 giant racks of hundreds of clothing items squished together.On top of those racks sat enormous bins full of scarves, all wadded into one big mass. So, it was quite an ordeal to sort through them.
Regardless, my eye landed on a colorful floral one.

Scarf: Goodwill- $2
Olive tank: Forever 21
Jean Capris: Aeropostale
White sandals: Target

Here are the instructions for how to tie your scarf as shown:
1. Put your scarf around your neck backwards, so that the two long ends are behind your back.
 2. Cross the ends behind your back and bring them back to the front. There should be a loop around your neck.
3. Tie the remaining ends of the scarf into the first part of a knot (like the first step when you tie your shoes).
4. Adjust the loops so that they are loose around your neck.

Then came the gem of the shopping trip. Underneath the heaping pile, my sister found a gorgeous blue scarf. As if this would not make me jealous enough, we examined the printed edges and found four small words: Oscar de la Renta. If you are not familiar with this designer, his scarves sell for hundreds of dollars. And because Goodwill does not separate the clothes by brand, this amazing piece was only $2.

I hope you enjoyed this article; I know it was very long! I encourage all of you to go to your local Goodwill store and dig out those precious pieces. The proceeds from Goodwill are given to charity, and you can find awesome clothes there. So don't be afraid to go-- trust me, it doesn't bite! :)

Here a Necklace, There a Necklace

I have been obsessed with necklaces lately, so I wanted to show you some of my newest ones. These have all been purchased in the past couple of weeks, and I have already worn them all so many times. I usually wear the chunkier, more colorful ones with jean shorts and a white top. The bright necklaces completely transform the look!

From left to right:
1. Blue with silver studs- American Eagle: 3 for $10 on clearance
2. Gold with turquoise beads- Charlotte Russe: $5
3. Silver and pink beads- American Eagle: 3 for $10 on clearance
4. Gold with several dangles- H&M: around $9
5. Silver with blue stone (it shows up a little gold in this picture, but it is ALL silver)- Charlotte Russe: $5

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Fashion It List Details- August 2011

Welcome to my very first Fashion It List! The corresponding pictures are located in the previous post (scroll down to see).

1. High waist jeans- These look great with a tucked-in floral blouse and an awesome pair of heels. The light wash is very popular for August, as well as distressed styles.

2. Boyfriend blazers- Very popular for early fall, boyfriend blazers come in many colors. A crisp, white blazer looks great for this late summer month. Another trend to try is a floral printed blazer-- Urban Outfitters has some great ones! However, everyone should own a classic, black one. These boyfriend blazers look good with practically anything and are great when the weather starts to get chilly.

3. Gold Accessories- Gold is a classically chic metallic for fall, and it looks perfect on trendy bangles and those gorgeous stud earrings ($325). Too expensive? Check out these similar ones for only $22.

4. Lace- To achieve that so desired vintage-meets-luxury look, lace is a necessity. This August, lace is even appearing on shoes and accessories. In addition, lace can help us transform that summer crop-top beach style into a posh, sophisticated version. The cropped, black Topshop shirt, as pictured below, is definitely a gush-worthy wardrobe transformer.

5. Rust, Golden Yellow, Spearmint- These three colors are major trends as seen on the runway and in popular clothing stores this month. Whether you use them to accessorize, or you buy solid shirts in each color, you will definitely pop against the ordinary browns this season.

6. Faded Denim Jackets and Vests- Light washes are fabulous right now, be it jeans, shorts, jackets, or vests. Denim shirts are also popular right now, especially when worn open with a shirt underneath. And ultra-versatile vests are a great staple for August. When it gets chillier, you can exchange your faded vest for a distressed denim jacket for an equally casual-cool look.

Thanks for reading, and come back soon! :)

The Fashion It List Image August 2011

The Fashion It List August 2011

The descriptions for each "It List" item are located in the next post (scroll up to see).


Hey everybody, I'm Jackie! Welcome to my blog! Every month, I will post my Fashion It List, where I will share my favorite trends, stores, and clothing and accessory items. I will also try to do supporting posts every week; these could be features such as how to wear a trend, outfit-of-the-days, how to copy celebrities' styles for less money, comparisons of stores or items, etc., etc. Feel free to leave a request in the comments section for the types of posts that you would like to see. Lastly, please share this blog with your family and friends, and enjoy!