Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Haul!

After Thanksgiving at my grandma's house, I went to the mall at midnight with my sister and cousin. We shopped there until about 2am and then went to Old Navy. After a couple hours of napping, we came back to the mall at 6am and then stopped by Ulta (which is not in our mall). I was exhausted, but it was a lot of fun, and there were lots of great deals. Here are some of the things I bought:

Old Navy- $7

Old Navy- $25

This is a floral print (hard to see in the pic!)
H&M- $5

H&M- $10
Old Navy- $5.70 each

H&M- $5

(left to right) long sleeved;  3/4 sleeved;  3/4 sleeved
Old Navy- $6, $5, $5

H&M- $10
Victoria's Secret PINK- $25
Lastly, I bought three nail polishes from Ulta: light greyish purple, emerald, and silver crackle.
I will most likely show pictures of those in upcoming "nail of the week" posts.
Hope you enjoyed, and I would love to hear about the deals you scored on Black Friday. Leave a comment! :)


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  2. I LOVE those boots and they were a STEAL for $7!!

  3. I went to a thrift store 50% off everything! i got 9 things for about 13 dollars :)

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  5. That printed dress, the boots, the H&M sweater, and those old navy tights are my favorite from your haul! Unfortunately, there's no Black Friday in Canada where I live. I am planning on making a road trip down to the states next year to participate. Looks amazing!

    I love your blog! Lets keep in touch!

  6. I heard all about Black Friday on the internet and was so jealous! I wish we had a day like that in the UK! looks like you got some really lovely items! I love the different unique tights! :)

  7. i bought those cowboyish ankle boots from old navy too! but i payed 12 bucks, that sucks :(

    XX Sandrine

  9. i wanted that h&m dress too
    it was only $5
    but i dont know if i would wear it.. so

  10. Hi, I gave you a blog award. Hope you post about it too.Check it out here --

  11. I love the shoes- all of them!
    Really nice haul :-)

  12. I love all your purchases!
    H&M has some amazing deals!
    And definitely considering on going to Old Navy for some tights now :)

    xx à la mode