Thursday, October 20, 2011

Store Wars: Forever 21 vs. H&M

Welcome to my first Store Wars! In this post, I will be comparing the stores H&M and Forever 21. Please note that these are my own personal opinions about the stores, and I am not trying to persuade you to shop at one store over another.

Forever 21
The Look: Trendy
Pros: Inexpensive; large selection of trends; fun and interesting clothing; youthful; good variety of many styles (girly, edgy, etc.)
Cons: Sometimes poorly made/ bad quality; some clothes look tacky and gaudy; often forced to dig through a LOT of clothing before finding something that is nice
Examples of Clothing:

The Look: Classy Chic
Pros: Affordable; trends incorporated into classy garments; put-together looking clothes; more professional, but still cute; sells long-lasting basics as well as statement pieces
Cons: More expensive than Forever 21; some items have too mature of a taste for teenagers
Examples of Clothing:

Bottom Line: Forever 21 is great to try out a fleeting trend if you have a little cash burning a hole in your pocket, but H&M is better if you are looking for a wardrobe-changer that will last a while.

Which is your favorite, and which stores do you want me to compare next? Leave a comment!


  1. i love the title of this post, its so creative! and i'm obsessed with forever 21, its a disease! hahaha

  2. Unfortunately these two brand don't get exported in my country... but they're so awesome!! :D lovely post

  3. I love your blog! Feel free to check out mines when you get a chance

  4. Great post. I agree about Forever 21...the one here is massive and there are just RACKS upon RACKS and nothing really seems organized so you have to spend forever (ha) looking for something. My thoughts on H&M is that ... it's not everywhere and you can't order anything online. So for most folks it just ends up being a big tease...seeing something in a magazine from H&M and then knowing you want it but live no where close. It's such a shame because they really do have more sophisticated looks and the clothes are well made. Can't wait for the next store wars...clever post idea!

    ♥ Shia

  5. I really dont get the whole deal about hm. forever 21 is just fine with many different styles that come from casual to formal. and hm has like the same clothes everytime. the same shirts. the same design. forever is cheap but you get what you pay for right? i dont see how hm is so good, everytime me or my friends try something on, it looks horrible.