Friday, October 28, 2011

Project Runway Finale!

The season finale of Project Runway aired on Lifetime last night! The four designers who made it to the finale showed their Spring 2012 collections at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on September 9th, 2011. In this post, I am going to show you my two favorite and one least favorite looks from each collection.

I'll start with Viktor Luna, whose collection was inspired by Mexico (where he is from) and New York.

I really like this look.
 He did two outfits that had
mirrored shirts, and I think
they look really cool!

This dress is so pretty! I
really like the color-dipping!

This look was my least favorite in his
collection. I think it looks a bit cheap
and tacky and like he was trying too hard.
Okay, on to the next designer: Kimberly Goldson, whose collection is very urban glam.

This look stood out from her others
because it is so chic and more subdued
than her bright colors used in other looks.
I personally LOVE it!

This is quite different than the look to the left
but I love it all the same. The colorful
print is so pretty, and it is draped so well
that it was practically dancing on the runway!

I didn't mind the look from the back,
but the front of this skirt is just
really forced and unflattering.
Third designer: Anya Ayoung-Chee, who was inspired by the Caribbean and her brother.

I went crazy about this dress; the print is
adorable and it flows beautifully!

I thought that Anya's other dresses all
seemed repetitive and not much more than
average. However, I did really like this
bathing suit that she put in for a twist!

I kind of think that this dress
resembles a paper bag with some trim
on it and a necklace thrown on to look
like more effort.
Then, we have Joshua McKinley, whose style throughout the season was colorful, crazy, and unedited.

I like the simplicity of this dress,
and the color is gorgeous.

I'm not so sure about the shirt,
 but I love the pants and jacket!

Ahhhhhh! The lime green, the print,
the weird untied shorts. . .
I'm not a fan!
Overall, it was a great season and an extraordinary runway show! The order that I liked their final collections: Kimberly first, then Viktor, then Anya, and last Joshua. Kimberly and Viktor's collections both had outfits for a really cool girl out and about in New York or something similar. I was a huge fan of both of their shows. Now, I loved Anya the entire season, rooting for her since the auditions. But, I have to say that her collection seemed a bit too easy for me. Almost all of her looks were flowy, V-neck dresses out of a different print. It just seems like she didn't do as much as the others who had structured pieces, separates, draping, and more design in them. Lastly, Joshua: Not a fan. Too bright, too crazy, too loud. Not for me.
However the judges had different ideas. The winner they chose was, spoiler alert!,

Kimberly and Viktor were actually the first two to be told they were not it. But, we all have different opinions and tastes. Who did YOU want to win?

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