Saturday, October 29, 2011

"Costume → Cute" Challenge

"Costume ---> Cute" Challenge

Claudie Pierlot blouse, €135
Marc Jacobs fleece skirt, $995
Bamboo heels, $25
Chanel - Hydrabase Lipstick - No.170 Gipsy Scarlet 3.5g/0.12oz, $38
Lancôme Hypnose Doll Lashes Mascara, $25

Hey everyone, I want ALL of you to do the Costume → Cute Challenge! I created this challenge.
What to do:
1. Pick a Halloween costume (it does not have to be your costume in real life!).
2. Make up an outfit that is inspired by the costume. It can be as literal as you want, but it should be something that is at least somewhat wearable!
3. You can just post pics on your blog, but I prefer using Polyvore to compile it all like I did in my own post above!
4. If you do this challenge (please do it!), put the link to it in the comments section of this post.
5. If you do it by next weekend, November 4th, I will pick a winner and link your post/blog in my next post!

PLEASE do this challenge! It is really fun, and I want to see all of your cool outfits!


  1. i like the challenge, I'll post it soon.

  2. I'm doing it. you should check it out

  3. Hi, check out my post
    I love this idea.btw i used two costume photos which are really similar,just to fill up the space.hope thats okay:)

  4. I just did the challenge so please look at it at

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