Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blast from the Past: "Old" is the New "New"


 These are some pages from the October 1977 issue of Seventeen magazine that are featuring certain trends of that time period and how to style them. Most of the styles are actually back in fashion now and stronger than ever! The trends listed are as follows: pencil jeans, burgundy, menswear, an Oriental vest, gold sandals, a man's hat, a pale green sweater, and a silver jumpsuit.

First up is pencil jeans. These are $125 from J. Crew. They look so sleek, especially when working the denim-on-denim trend!

Next we have burgundy, that purply-reddish-maroon color that is so pretty. I LOVE this sheer blouse from Topshop ($75). I think it would be adorable tucked into denim shorts with some dangly earrings and heels. 

I am skipping menswear because I plan to do a separate post for that large topic sometime in the future.

So now, on to the Oriental vest! You might be asking how I am going to find a stylish Oriental vest, and the answer is that I'm not :)   Instead, check out this Oriental blouse from for $47. It would be so cute with dark skinnies and black stilettos!

I think that gold sandals are a no-brainer because when wouldn't something so classic be stylish? I found these cuties from the designer Cole Haan.

The next item is a man's hat, so I chose a couple of fedoras with girly touches for a fresh take on the masculine shape. The first classic hat is from J. Crew for $50, while the second fun fedora is Buckle brand for only $14.

A pale green sweater for fall? Yes-- pastels aren't just for spring! This one is from and $295.

Last (and kind of least) in the Seventeen spread is a silver jumpsuit that somewhat resembles a martian/robot Halloween costume. I planned to just say that something like a metallic silver jumpsuit would never and should never come back into style. I decided to search for one just for laughs, and I was stunned when I found this:

It is Stella McCartney and can be found for $770-$1,000+.
Yes, it is a jumpsuit, though it flows beautifully like a dress in the picture. So, although you apparently can find a stunning silver jumpsuit, you probably still don't want to style it as Seventeen suggests: let's skip the "sparkling silver raindrop" foil hairdo, please!

Basically, many things "old" come back around-- that's the cycle of fashion. What trends do YOU hope will or will not come back into style? Leave a comment :)


  1. I hope skinny jeans never go out of fashion,,,

  2. I agree on this post. Vintage is the new trend so don't waste your money on high-class shops, there's always the thrift shop that will show you the best vintage clothes


  3. That burgundy blouse is beautiful! Also, I love the fedora's.