Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How To Wear... A Funky Jacket!

(side view)
I love this angle of the wild jacket
 with the sleek dress!

My 17-year-old sister bought this light pink jacket from H&M a couple months ago. It was on sale for $15, and the original price was almost $60, so she felt the need to purchase it. I thought it was kind of a crazy way to spend $15 (When is she EVER going to wear that thing?). I ended up being right- she still hasn't worn it. So, we decided to try to create some outfits to go with it. This is the outfit we came up with!

Dress: some Japanese store- equivalent of around $60
Belt: Forever 21- $6.80
Jacket: H&M- $15 on sale from $59.95

They key to wearing a crazy jacket like this is that you have to make the rest of the outfit simple. You should also go for a subtle color. My mom picked up this cool grey dress when she was on a business trip to Japan. I cinched it with a neutral belt from Forever 21 to give it some shape. This belt also serves another function-- its light pink detail ties the jacket into the dress seamlessly.  



  1. I love the jacket!
    Great blog, following :)

  2. OMG I love the jacket, you totally knew how to wear it.
    you have such a great blog.
    I'm following you now ^^
    -Ella <3