Monday, August 8, 2011

How to Wear... Denim on Denim

denim shirt- H&M
denim shorts- American Eagle
purse- H&M
Oscar de la Renta scarf- Goodwill (see previous post)
necklace- American Eagle
gray tank- Forever 21
Steve Madden sandals- DSW
nail polish- Sally Hanson HD in "Blu"

Wearing denim on denim can be tricky. I believe that the key is to make the trend look very pulled together. You can do this by wearing two pieces of denim in similar washes or weights. The shapes of the items also matter. As you can see in the picture on the left, I paired a more structured pair of cutoff shorts with an airy, loose denim shirt. Mixing textures is important because it allows for an outfit that is not too uniform.
To kick this outfit up a notch, I decided to add another trend-- a scarf tied onto a purse. This is a very easy way to wear a beautiful scarf that doesn't fit around the neck or doesn't match any outfits. Just make sure that the scarf doesn't clash with the purse in color or print.

This monochromatic outfit looks even better with bright blue nails, a sleek necklace, and cool sandals.

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