Saturday, August 6, 2011


Before yesterday, I had never been inside Goodwill. I have to admit that it scared me a little. I thought: Used, unwashed clothes? Yuck. But after watching thrift shopping videos from my favorite YouTube gurus and hearing from my poll that many of you want to see a post on the subject, I decided to brave the shopping trip. And thank goodness I did.

My 17-year-old sister and I scoured the racks and found some awesome vintage pieces, as well as modern trends. First, I found this adorable white top (It fit my sister, not me).

white top: Goodwill- $0.99
denim shorts: American Eagle
black shoes: H&M
gold necklace: H&M

Next, we found this gray shirt with studs on the shoulders. Contradicting my early judgments, it was new with tags.

Gray shirt: Goodwill- $0.99

My sister found a navy blue Banana Republic V-Neck, which fit me. I bought it for $0.99, but I did not feel the need to model it because it is just a basic style that you have probably seen before.

Then, we searched the scarf pile. If you have never been inside Goodwill, let me fill you in: At least in the one I visited, there were probably about 50 giant racks of hundreds of clothing items squished together.On top of those racks sat enormous bins full of scarves, all wadded into one big mass. So, it was quite an ordeal to sort through them.
Regardless, my eye landed on a colorful floral one.

Scarf: Goodwill- $2
Olive tank: Forever 21
Jean Capris: Aeropostale
White sandals: Target

Here are the instructions for how to tie your scarf as shown:
1. Put your scarf around your neck backwards, so that the two long ends are behind your back.
 2. Cross the ends behind your back and bring them back to the front. There should be a loop around your neck.
3. Tie the remaining ends of the scarf into the first part of a knot (like the first step when you tie your shoes).
4. Adjust the loops so that they are loose around your neck.

Then came the gem of the shopping trip. Underneath the heaping pile, my sister found a gorgeous blue scarf. As if this would not make me jealous enough, we examined the printed edges and found four small words: Oscar de la Renta. If you are not familiar with this designer, his scarves sell for hundreds of dollars. And because Goodwill does not separate the clothes by brand, this amazing piece was only $2.

I hope you enjoyed this article; I know it was very long! I encourage all of you to go to your local Goodwill store and dig out those precious pieces. The proceeds from Goodwill are given to charity, and you can find awesome clothes there. So don't be afraid to go-- trust me, it doesn't bite! :)


  1. Loved the white lace top! Such cute vintage! :)

  2. i know! it was an awesome find :)

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